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Our Curriculum Approach

 Our motto is ‘Opportunities One and All’

In our school community people are valued as individuals. All are given equal opportunities to reach their potential, then supported and challenged to achieve this.

We make reference to the requirements of the primary National Curriculum, through a cross-curricular, inspiring, engaging and enquiry-based approach that is taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners.  Each learning opportunity has been carefully selected and shaped to build on previous learning and this allows a clear path of progression in all the different subject areas. 

Throughout everything we do, we are guided by three key principles: 

  • Locality – We seek to be aware of our place in the world and where we belong at a local, national and international level
  • Environment – We are passionate about the environment and its importance for all our futures, which guides our role as global citizens
  • Healthy futures – We pursue healthy outcomes which include a healthy body and mind as well as having high aspirations for our future. 

At Constantine, we teach a bespoke curriculum, with individually designed half-termly topics for each class. In the summer term, our classes spend some of their time immersed in a topic focused on Cornwall.

Our Aims:

  • Provide a rich, stimulating, and creative learning environment in which all children thrive.
  • Ensure the inclusion of all children.
  • Involve parents as partners in their child’s learning experience.
  • Create a friendly, caring atmosphere where all are valued and listened to, adults and children alike.
  • Support the professional development of all employees at the school.
  • Develop and maintain inter-school liaison for ease of transition from Pre-School and then to Secondary School.
  • Provide strong links between the school and the community to ensure collaborative support and success.
  • Provide strong inter-school links between Kernow Learning schools and other Penryn Partnership schools.
  • Provide childcare and a wide range of activities under the extended schools agenda.
  • We encourage all children to enjoy and achieve through a range of opportunities to be physically active and promote positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyles both in and out of school.

Cultural capital:

This is the range of experiences that enable our children to understand and discuss the world through trips, visitors, hands-on tasks and other relevant activities. These should help them to develop as independent, informed and inquisitive learners so they are carefully selected and woven into our curriculum to have the maximum impact. 

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Please click here to view the Equalities Statement, Accessibility Plan, Racial Equality Policy and the Equality and Diversity Policy.  Please also refer to the Everyone's Included pages of the website where you can find an information report detailing how our school identifies, assesses, and makes provision for children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities.

Enabling Every Pupil to Access the Curriculum